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CBL Money Transfer: Overview
CBL Money Transfer, a subsidiary of the City Bank Ltd, Bangladesh is currently having its office of KL and Malacca, Malaysia has been established to meet growing customer needs for fast, secure and easy money transfer to an extensive range of destinations. With CBL Money Transfer, you can avail unique facilities provided by its parent company The City Bank Limited which is one of the oldest and premier commercial bank based in Bangladesh. The bank is equipped with real time online banking having 102 online branches along with a strong network of 165+ ATMs and partnership agreements availing a further 500+ partner ATM’s. CBL Money Transfer has a strong remittance network in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Mayanmar, India, Thailand and other remittance prudent countries across the Globe. With us apart from a range of high class modern remittance solutions, you will get peace of mind which we believe count the most. The company is capable of delivering remittances to any beneficiary having account with any branch of any bank in Bangladesh through its robust network. So, wherever your account is or you want to transfer cash payments we are able to send your money instantly. Our simplest and easiest payment procedure is highly secure with PIN number and no hidden cost to ensure your comfort and trust. At CBL money transfer, we go all lengths to remit your hard earned money safely to your loved ones – as our tagline says, ‘by your side, all the way’.