Frequently Asked Questions

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CBL Money Transfer Sdn. Bhd., a licensed money transfer services bunisess provider (money transfers) regulated by Central Bank of Malaysia.

Any individual who is 18 years of age and above, who possess a valid photo identification documents i.e. MyKad or Passport.

We accept the following original documents for the KYC verification.

  • For Malaysians: National identification card (MyKad).
  • For Non Malaysians: Passport & visa

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GMT +8 hours

We are open daily including public holidays.

  • Cash Pickup (Cash pickup means, to pay remittance fund to the beneficiary in Cash.)
  • Bank Transfer (Bank transfer means, to credit remittance fund to the beneficiary’s bank account number. )
  • Mobile Wallet (Mobile wallet means, to credit remittance fund to the beneficiary’s mobile wallet.)
  • Home Delivery (Only to Vietnam)

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Provide your ID documents (Mykad or Passport & Visa)

You can send money to the following countries using CBLMT:

  • BANGLADESH          
  • PAKISTAN     
  • VIETNAM      

Depending on the country that you are sending to, your recipient will receive the funds within the time frame of immediate to 3 business days.

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Please check your bank account to confirm the debited amount. If you notice any discrepancies, kindly call or whatsapp +60 12 670 6225 & +60 12-273 7855

Passport is needed and required to send overseas.

Yes, Amendments or cancellations can only be done if the transaction has not been paid or credited into the recipient's account. Kindly contact our customer care consultants immediately.

The most common reasons are incorrect details (e.g. account number and name of beneficiary) submitted on the payment details. You will be notified when the funds are returned to us, you can either request the transfer to be reprocessed or refunded.

Yes. For every transaction, a receipt will be issued.

Yes, CBL Money Transfer offers a free app “Cityremit” available in the Google play
and Apple store that can be used with android and apple devices.

Customers need to visit our branch with the following details.

  • Original Transaction receipt
  • Need to fill up cancel & refund form
  • Original Passport or Mykad
  • Reason for cancellation/refund

Once the transaction has been cancelled, a refund usually takes a maximum of 2 working days for the money to be credited back to you.

No additional charges levied on the beneficiary.

KYC stands for "Know-Your-Customer". Since we are dealing with money this is a verification process to confirm the customers identity before they can use our services.

Contact with the Customer care consultants ( +60 12 670 6225 & +60 12-273 7855 )

Our Standard business hour is 8.30 am to 7.00 pm

Cash Pick up is a payment that your recipient can collect as physical cash from a support location.

You can send money through our branch offices. You can get the branch list from {redirect to branch page} or you could transfer online at CityRemit app at or

  • Branch - You can pay cash or you can pay using debit card, CDM Deposit & Internet Banking
  • CityRemit - You can pay using Internet Banking (FPX)

At the moment, we can only accept payment by cash, CDM Deposit, debit card or online banking.

In most cases, no — the name on the bank account you’re sending from has to match the name on your Passport or Mykad. But there is exception - you can request for on behalf transaction.

1. I sent money to the wrong person

You can request for amendment.

2. I sent the wrong amount

You can request for cancelation and process for a new transaction with correct amount.

Due to the compliance issues or wrong information transfer can be canceled

Yes, CBLMT is a Fast, Secure & cost-effective money transfer

Above 15000 RM customer needs to provide three months Bank statement or 3 months salary slip.

Contact with the Customer care consultants ( +60 12 670 6225 & +60 12-273 7855 )