Counter Service

Follow below steps to send money from CBL Money Transfer Branches.

Remitters need to visit any of our branches. An existing customer of CBLMT needs to provide his/her Membership ID number/Passport number to the CBLMT counter staff but a new customer needs to provide his/her passport and visa copy to the CBLMT counter staff/teller prior to sending money.

Remitters can choose any of the following four modes of payment to pay money to CBLMT:

The customer shall handover Cash to CBLMT counter staff/teller if a customer visits the CBLMT branch.

CDM (cash deposit machine):
Deposit money to CBLMT’s designated Maybank account through CDM and bring the original deposit slip to handover it to CBLMT’s counter staff/teller. The teller shall check the fund availability through the CityPay system. 

Online Transfer:
Transfer the amount to CBLMT’s designated Maybank account and share the transfer receipt with CBLMT’s counter staff/teller through WhatsApp/Email. The Teller shall check the fund availability through CityPay. The name of the account holder from where the fund has been transferred should be the same as the remitter’s name.

POS (point of sale) Terminal:
Customers can swipe his/her debit card at the POS terminal at our counter.

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